LED Word Board  (Ad-Free)- Scrolling Text Display

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This LED Word Board which simulates the LED scroller screen, can help you convey messages in a fun way, especially in a noisy place, it is very useful and effective.

* Express your love to your sweetheart and your family with this LED scroller, anytime, anywhere.

* Bring the concert and show your super idol's name with this LED text marquee as a support

* When you are happy with smile or unhappy in silence, you can easily express your true feelings or status with this LED text marquee

* Bring to the family party to celebrate children's birthday, wedding anniversary with this text marquee, it should be a warm moment full of love

* As a shopkeeper, you can display text banner advertisements or indicate the price of your products with this LED scroller, it is free.

* This text marquee is also very useful to support your friends in some refueling occasions

* Bring the club to convey a band to play your favourite track, you can even use this text marquee to order drinks in a a noisy club without screaming.

* Bring the airport arrival gates when you are expecting to pick up some one, this led scroller will work perfectly

* Also very useful as a communication aid for those who are hard of hearing, this text marquee is easily readable from a distance.

* Also can be used for prompting lecturers with led text marquee when they have 10 minutes left to talk only in a silent way

* Be creative, you will find another fun place for you with this LED text marquee application!

This LED text banner has a simple interface. It is very easy to use. Enjoy it!

- Input your text in this LED scroller

- Configure Font Size, Speed and Color

 - Set background Style and Color

 - Select a appropriate & fancy

for your text marquee

 - Set the text marquee scrolling direction, and blink

- Find your previous messages and settings in

page which is saved automatically

- Open

to quickly and easily pick frequently used phrases

- Simple and easy to use UI

- Various font styles provided

- Text will be saved automatically and you can find it in history page

- Hot Words List contain rich emoticons and frequently used phrases

- Rotate screen automatically with the direction of the phone (horizontal direction)

We’re constantly improving this LED text banner, and we value all our users’ opinions. If you have any problem with this text banner app, please feel free to give us feedback, Thank you.

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